Friday, December 7, 2012

Daddy's little girl has Grown Up.


what's good today?


hello 21, bye2 20!!

every year, a number been added up to your age. what's your achievement in your 20++ years of living?
as for me? i would say, as my age; 21%... coz nothing is right as i goes living year by year. except for being the best kid of my parents! *yeayyy me!*
i may not a good friend, i may not be a good listener, i may not be a good speaker, i may not be a good body-maintainer, i may not be a good student, i may not be a good actor, but i know i'm doing my best of being my parents' whom-still-single-in-the-family daughter...
daddy's little girl has grown to be daddy's biggest girl.. i mean, yup, i'm big... haha #joke

what makes me beautiful today is there is sooo many people wanted to celebrated it with me, but i have to reject some due to pack schedule.. teehee
i only got to have lunch with my friend, Shera alone. and having my dinner with dearest family without my 2nd sis *again*..

lunch at Mc*****d (due to Gaza, i'm not gonna show the name).. only if i could resist the Prosperity. sorry. not gonna eat that food again.. Insya Allah.. :-S

fries-candle burger...

i am 21 yow!

look how sloppy she's eating! that's what her Bf loves bout her. lol

due to having a lunch-date with Shera, i declined my twin-not-so-twin friend's date and Mirul's. humph!
why am i soo popular this year while last year got nobody wanted to celebrated it?! :(
thank God i have friendsss... Syukur Alhamdulillah..

next is

Dinner date with ma famille. i know that daddy wont let my birthday passed like that. anyhow, i'm daddy's only little girl who is still single and stays cute! *ok, perasan*.
daddy called earlier today just to sang THE MOST FAMOUS SONG WORLDWIDE together with mommy.. i am touched! because they forgot to wished my birthday last year. *how could they*

Flamming Steamboat @ Seksyen33 Shah Alam.

variety of seafood. *gulp*

u can choose whatever u wanna eat *gulp again*

various of Mees.

the dishes. perghh

this kid anxious bout the icecream...
i got it a last! yippie

the flavour is sooo craving for.
tengok muke2 org baru balik keje. hehe. thanks!

my niece with her other Mak Usu..

THANKS A LOT TO MES PARENTS! for the treats! we ate a lot.. teehee

this kid is crying coz we put her into the truck. LOL sangat!

but then, she's okay when i sit there..

my family wasn't completed without my other sister.  and she forgot to wish me too! hurmph!

the food was soo filling my tummy which i didnt eat anything, just a burger that afternoon..
the price is reasonable said my dad. except they didnt have the grill one. our place have better steamboat. haha!
the place is suffocated coz it's airconded and we're steaming. the vapor spreads everywhere and she didnt like it. yeah, sis..
but overall, we loved it! coz we're together and buffeting. hurmm...*gulp*

if u guys wanna try, here's the address:

although there's no cake nor event, i'm happy just the way celebrated it. i'm satisfy with just my family with me on the day. coz i believe, what ever matter, family is my priority.. :)

muse song for today:

with love.

뼝 - ppyong!!