Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fashion Show + Muse


everything are not in the track right now. i just have to make sure that it won't be faaaarr away... tsk!
so, to set up the mood back to the way it is. i decided to post this vid that found along with inspiration for this semester. final year yo! gotta be perfect to make a perfect outcome. bzzzzz!!~ hehe

this is a Korean Fashion Designer who set forth her GREAT culture into her designs. Lee Young Hee to be specifically is one of the designers whom design based on the korean traditional costume;Hanbok. which is my inspired by too! teehee. so i just have to give all in to search her fashion show and piece of work to get me back on my track and throw myself into the fashion world... *eh, selama ni Dya kat mana?* hehe. and of course, get my mood back and finally, i found my muse. thanks to Lee Young Hee!! actually she is an ahjumma i called her. or maybe Lee Young Hee sunbaenim? sshi? seonsengnim? whatever it is, she is the experienced person and i know her designs will take me far... i mean really far.. its Korea, u guys..

ok, then. enjoy the show and get yourself drown..

word library:

ahjumma (아줌마) - auntie
sunbaenim - senior
seonsaengnim (선생) - teacher/professor

with love.

뼝 - ppyong!!